The role of a boss is to lead and manage.

The role of the accountant in the future may be limited to auditing and controlling. It is no longer necessary for them to know how to crunch numbers and find loopholes in taxes. They may not even need to know how taxes work, but they must understand that taxes are a fact of life that everyone must abide by.

What does this mean for the accountant’s job?

It’s difficult to say right now, but we can safely assume that their responsibilities will be made easier with AI assistance.The role of a boss is to lead and manage. They have the power to set goals, allocate resources, and have a high level of control over the work done by everyone on their team.

Desired outcome:

This section explores what an accountant does. The job description of an accountant is to provide financial advice and support for businesses that are required by law or policy. An accountant can also prepare income tax returns for individuals or corporations, act as CFO for companies, oversee investments, manage cash flow, etc.

*****an accountant prepares financial statements of small business corporations; prepares tax return; perform audits; prepare accounting entries; analyze data using graphs and charts; prepare management reports.